The Basics Kybella degrades fat permanently and leaves your skin tighter and fresh. You can expect relatively obvious swelling, mild bruising and numbness at the injection site.

How long does swelling last? Severe swelling lasts 5 days and residual swelling lasts another 2-3 weeks.

Will I Bruise? Bruising can last up to 2 weeks but most clients experience mild bruising lasting only a few days.

Numbness? Numbness can last a month or longer but does not usually interfere with daily life.

How long before I start to see results? Kybella works to dissolve fat molecules, a process that takes time. Most candidates will see noticeable results and skin retraction in about 6 weeks.

How many treatments do I need? Most clients need 2-3 treatments to obtain optimal results.

Can I ice? Yes, ice will help reduce inflammation and discomfort.

What should I take for discomfort? Tylenol is generally good for this, we also recommend some herbal supplements that can help heal you faster.

Additional Plump treatments to consider? HydraPlumped ($250/session) is our newest offering. It’s a non-invasive treatment that removes dead skin and extracts impurities while hydrating and moisturizing with specialized serums.