Congrats! You’re considering lip filler. The below should answer a majority of your questions, but we’re here to help should you have additional.

What will my lips look like? Can my lips look just like HERS?

First and foremost, everyone is different. Different aesthetic goals, different lip structure, different metabolism, different genetics, different risk factors, etc. Do NOT compare yourself to someone else, you are your own lip, your own architecture, your own volume, be proud of your uniqueness! It's what makes us different.

How long does it take?

Lip procedures are blocked for 30 minutes to give you the time you need. General appointment breakdown is 10 minutes of topical numbing and 15 minutes of procedure.

Is it painful?

Most clients have minimal discomfort, on a scale of 1-10, they are a 2-3. This is less painful than laser hair-removal, thanks to our unique numbing technique.

My lips are huge! Is this the final result?

The immediate results are a view into the future of your results. If you like your filler right away, you’ll love it in two weeks as the work begins to settle. While you may have some soreness initially, the area will start to feel and look more natural in no time!

How long does it last?

Lip injections last around six months depending on multiple factors including the product used. We have seen people that have had fillers last as little as two months and as long a year.

When can I resume normal activities?

You can resume normal activities, including working out, in 24 hours. You can fly the same day.

What are some common side effects?

Bumps: These can sometimes happen with lip filler. Most bumps are small resolving bruises or a build up of the product. These can be massaged out or, in rare instances, we can use a small droplet of a dissolver.

Swelling: depends on multiple factors and just because you didn’t swell one time, does not mean you will not swell the next time you do a treatment. Sometimes an anti-swelling medication will be given after your injection. Major swelling typically lasts less than 4 days, while minor residual swelling can last 14-21 days. Yes, please ice them!

Bruising: Some people are predisposed to bruise. We suggest that you avoid vitamins, alcohol, and ibuprofen products to minimize the chance of bruising. Bruises can last 2-3 days or up to 2 weeks depending on type and location. Arnica pills ($50) can be purchased during your visit that can help heal bruises. Occasionally, we may suggest a follow up laser appointment to help speed up more severe bruises.

Why do they look uneven?

An uneven lip appearance is typically due to swelling. We can re-evaluate the symmetry once the swelling subsides (7-14 days), but this self resolves 95% of the time.

What can I do to keep my lips looking amazing?

Adequate hydration, topical creams and serums as well as collagen stimulation at home or in office. Ask us about these treatments!

What if I want more?

You’re in luck! We offer specials on follow-up syringes within the first month of treatment.